Filmo arranges same day Medical Result 
@ about 4pm same day for MOM or ICA

P, SPass, EP
, DEP, LTP, STP or SPR  
Examinee must come by 8am on weekdays only
for Chest X-ray & Blood tests with prior appointment 

Appointments preferred. Just provide examinee's name is ok
call  63333089 or WhatsApp Steve 9836 5486 or 

 for appointment confirmation best to provide a screenshot 
of the Approval Letter page with Examinee's name

Filmo arranges a One Stop Medical Service
Medicals all done at Peace Centre in the City 
Doctor, X-Ray Centre & Clinical Lab are registered
or approved by relevant SG Gov. Authorities
In view of Covid-19 MOH, ICA & MOM guidelines & directives followed
Medical Reports comply with MOM or ICA guidelines 
next day result Medical $55 cash or nets
Same day medical result cost is S$100

Filmo Serving Clients in Singapore since 1986
Direction to Peace Centre

The medical or lab test will be done in accordance 
with prescribed requirements as stated in pre-printed 
mom or ica medical form or MOM or ICA IPA Letter. 
The fee payable is a package fee
, including
applicable the X-ray or Blood Tests or both.