6ME or 6 Monthly Foreign Worker Medical Exam  
or 6 Monthly FDW ME or 

WP Renewal Clinical tests Medical

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All done at Peace Centre in the City  
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Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & PH
Normal Medical Pkg is $50
6ME & WP Renewal 1-2 test $40 3-4 test $50 
Cash or Nets payment

Doctor, Xray Centre & Clinical Lab registered or 
approved by relevant SG Government Authorities 
Medical Reports comply with MOM / ICA requirements 

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MOM Pre Printed Medical Form must be used
FW or FDW WP Renewal Full Medical Exam or 
FW or FDW 6th Monthly Medical Exam
By appointments only.
Walk-in temporarily suspended
Express same day result is $100 & examinee must come by 8.30 am with appointment

                                                                                  Direction to Peace Centre

A new Foreign Domestic Worker starting employment is required to undergo & pass medical exam & clinical tests: urine, BP, xray for TB , blood tests for VDRL, Hiv & Malaria,  vision,  before issuance of WP.  A Foreign Domestic Worker working in Singapore (FDW) is required 
to go for a 6-Monthly Medical Exam (6ME) to screen for pregnancies and infectious diseases, i.e. Venereal Disease, HIV, Tuberculosis. 

The 6ME helps to ensure that FDWs do not carry infectious diseases such as HIV or TB, which might harm them or the people they come into contact with. This is especially important as they work in a residential environment and may have contact with children. 
A pregnancy test is also required for the FDWs. A FDW who
fails the 6ME would be repatriated. 

The prescribed MOM 6 monthly medical examination form, Work Permit Card & Passport are required.
 The medical or Lab test will be done in accordance with what is required in the prescribed  pre-printed MOM 6 monthly medical exam form e.g.  VDRL, HIV, Pregnancy Test, Chest Xray our fee is $50 for full medical.  

For the 6th monthly medicals 1-2 tests e.g. just for pregnancy test &/or VDRL tests our fee would be $40 or $50 for full medical exam.

The process usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. As Urine sample will usually be required for a female FDW or FW she is advised to be well hydrated by drinking lots of water before coming. Extra charge of $35 if ECG is required for those FDW over 50. Additional charge of $40 For Hepa A, $30 for Hepa B & $60 for Hepa C tests if required. 

After your prior appointment please come to FILMO @ 1 Sophia Road, Unit 01-44 Peace Centre, S228149 & remember to bring your passport, medical form, the WP Card (for renewal cases). 

The Medical Report signed by the Singapore registered doctor would only be released on time if there are no Medical issues with the 
Lab reports for the Blood test or Xray.  

If you do not send your Worker for her medical examinations, her work permit may be revoked by MOM. If the helper failed in her medical examinations, the report must be submitted to MOM via
 iSubmit (www.mom.gov.sg/iSubmit) by employer.  

You should follow the MOM's instructions given in the Worker's 
Medical Notification letter. Whatever the result the completed  medical form must be kept by the employer for at least 2  months from the examination date & produce it for inspection whenever required.