FILMO Serving Clients in Singapore since 1986
arranges 6ME FW Foreign Workers or
FDW Foreign Domestic Worker 
6 Monthly WP Work Permit Renewal

Medical Examination Report Clinical tests
Call 63333089 or WhatApp Steve 98365486 
  for appointments

1 Stop Medical Service all done in City Central Riverwalk Area 

Message or WhatsApp to Steve 98365486 
Examinee's name and intended visit date

Open 8am to 12pm Weekdays.
Closed on Sundays & PH
In-house Doctor, X-Ray Centre & Clinical Lab
 registered with relevant SG Government Bodies 
MOH, ICA, MOM guidelines & directives will be followed
Clinical Medical Reports comply with MOM / ICA / MOH requirements 
Normal Full Medical package fee is $55 next working day result
6ME with MOM I-Submit (1) VDRL & Pregnancy tests $40
 (2) HIV, VDRL & Pregnancy $55 (3)Xray, HIV, VDRL & Pregnancy $60
For same day 4pm result extra $50 surcharge & examinee must come by 9am
MOM Pre-Printed Medical Form must be used
for FW or FDW WP Renewal Medical Exam or 
FDW 6th Monthly 6ME Medical Exam
Extra charge of $35 if ECG is required for those FW or FDW over 50. 
Plus $40 for Hepa A, $30 for Hepa B & $60 for Hepa C tests if required.